Wotter Squad 3, reporting for duty!

Hey! I'm Paulie, and I'm the captain of this squad! We're kinda new, but we're really good at what we do, promise!

Man, that's a shame, I really liked these chars and this blog, but hopefully your next project is even better than this already amazing one. Also can we get a link to your personal tumblr if u have one?
━ Anonymous

http://daimaohsama.tumblr.com/ but if you’re thinking more like art/a place where you can talk to me abt ask blog stuff try http://spectronizer.tumblr.com/ or http://siriusobservatory.tumblr.com/

I’m laughing it looks like I have a lot of blogs but it’s mostly because I need to keep things organized

Have u ever worked on any other ask blogs? If so can we get a link? Looking forward to Ur next project.
━ Anonymous

askaglaceon and ninetalesanswers are both mine but they’re kinda inactive right now since I’m busy.

I have a third ask blog actually, but I’m still semi-developing it so while it’s up I’m not giving out the link. It should be easy to find though.

me today

devs backstory

his first because it’s the easiest lmao

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I’m not coming back to this blog, I think.

It’s sad but I just. I love this trio but they’re the hardest for me to write for and their story is pretty much over, all that it needed was to be told.

I’ll prolly still draw them/maybe continue their story where it was supposed to leave off but whatever

heres the plot if you’re interested in what I was supposed to do. Keep in mind I started this blog years ago so the plot is p. old so some of it might not really make sense?? I guess. I’m def a better writer now than back then. I’ll make two or three other posts w/ each individual backstory too I guess.

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Late night stream where I draw while trying to finish off a large frappe

I’ll be doing one or two wotter asks and then…if my internet still works maybe more stuff

I’ll start at 10:05PM, maybe later, since I’m helping mom with something (I’m in the chat though)


I’ve been waitin’ to do this my whole life, so everythings super exciting, y’know?

He’s not a bad kid, y’know? Besides, squads usually start with three members and go on from there. We woulda had to find a third eventually.