Wotter Squad 3, reporting for duty!

Hey! I'm Paulie, and I'm the captain of this squad! We're kinda new, but we're really good at what we do, promise!


Late night stream where I draw while trying to finish off a large frappe

I’ll be doing one or two wotter asks and then…if my internet still works maybe more stuff

I’ll start at 10:05PM, maybe later, since I’m helping mom with something (I’m in the chat though)


I’ve been waitin’ to do this my whole life, so everythings super exciting, y’know?

He’s not a bad kid, y’know? Besides, squads usually start with three members and go on from there. We woulda had to find a third eventually.

We’ve known eachother since we were kids, I couldn’t ask for a better teammate.

Paulie, I think.

Devon and I don’t really get along. Don’t really know why, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to warm up to someone quickly.

I hope, someday, we could be good friends too!

Paulie, maybe? Haha.

Did I come on too strong? Ahhh, how do I fix it….

━ Anonymous

there’s always the shippers